Posted on Feb 21, 2020

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The Difference Between Tree Removal and Tree Lopping

Tree Removal, Lopping and Prunning: They Aren’t the Same Thing!

In talking to qualified arborists you’ll often hear different terms thrown around, and you might be left thinking they all mean the same thing. Terms like tree removal, lopping and pruning may seem interchangeable, but in reality they aren’t.

Tree Lopping – A common term that’s used by many to encompass anything to do with the maintenance or removal of a tree. In reality, lopping is hard and substantial cutting down of branches without consideration to the effect on tree stability, regrowth, or whether the action will kill the tree. Lopping involves cutting back the upper branches to expose the lower canopy and restrict the height of the tree. Professional arborists don’t usually recommend wholesale lopping as the regrowth is often weaker and that makes the tree more susceptible to storm damage. Lopping a tree back to the trunk also opens the tree to extensive decay and encourages potential termite infestation.

Pruning or thinning – A planned reduction and removal of nuisance branches to improve the appearance of the tree, promote healthy regrowth, and protect people from the potential of falling branches. Proper structured pruning and thinning has the added benefit of improving air circulation in and around the tree to reduce wind loading on the branches.
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